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Our services include menu development, tasting/testing, launching, and press & marketing. Although based in Philadelphia, we do travel to other areas and also offer remote consulting.


Menu Development

We work with your manager, chef and kitchen staff to develop vegan menu items that fit in with your restaurant’s concept and menu pricing. Together we create vegan versions of your signature dishes and/or new recipes that complement your menu so well that people don’t always guess they are vegan.


  • First, we help you make items as needed, testing in the kitchen. 
  • We taste and photograph the food. 
  • Then we organize a small tasting event for your most candid friends/family/best customers to try out the new items and provide feedback.

Bringing Confidence/Experience

  • We help you source new items. 
  • We help your staff learn the answers to prepare for questions. 
  • We help everyone get familiar with new products and produce. 
  • We take all the guesswork out of vegan cuisine, so you can greet new clients with confidence.


We get the local media interested and excited with press releases. We run social media and Google ad campaigns targeting people in your immediate area who are looking for vegan or vegetarian food, without stepping on your existing marketing efforts. We continue publicity after the showcase event to keep your stream of new customers.

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We help you present a showcase event that debuts all your new fare! We often do these coordinated with American Vegan Society as the event host, which brings added credibility to your new mastery of the cuisine.


We tailor our consulting to your specific needs. Contact us today!