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About Anne Dinshah and Alexandra Golaszewska, vegan consultants


What Inspired Our Name?

  • Cross Brothers was the slaughterhouse on the corner of Front and Venango Streets in Philadelphia. In 1957 after touring Cross Brothers, H. Jay Dinshah vowed to be vegan. He founded American Vegan Society in 1960.

    Jay was a gifted orator and the first person to lecture extensively in the U.S. about veganism, sharing his experiences and vision to inspire others. Philadelphia is now regarded as the birthplace of the modern vegan movement in the U.S.

  • “Crossed” is defined as a spiritual condition that makes everything go wrong in life and goes unnoticed for years. "Uncrossed" represents a change to a positive path in life. We apply this to food options.

  • Sisters are the female duo of Anne Dinshah  and Alexandra Golaszewska.


Our Team

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Anne Dinshah

Anne Dinshah’s family has been described as “vegan royalty.” Her parents, Jay and Freya Dinshah, are considered the “father and mother of the modern vegan movement in the America.” Anne is a lifelong vegan and is vice president of American Vegan Society.

Anne is more like the girl next door who can throw a great dinner party. Her recipes are easy to make, as shown in her book Dating Vegans. Anne learned to cook from Freya, who wrote the first cookbook in the U.S. with a vegan title: The Vegan Kitchen (1965) and together they wrote the kids’ cookbook, Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake.

For years Anne explored American culture while working throughout the country, but recently returned home to the greater Philadelphia area. She holds degrees from University of Notre Dame and University of Texas. You can find her rowing on the Schuylkill River many early mornings.


Alexandra Golaszewska

Alexandra Golaszewska (go - la - shev - ska) describes her approach to food as “vegan-ish.” She’s a lifelong Philadelphian who loves visiting restaurants and trying all of the plant-based options. 

She is the founder of Helios Media, a publicity strategist and an expert on social media. For two decades, she has worked with top-notch creative people in advertising, design, PR, and marketing. Her clients span a wide range of industries— they’ve ranged from celebrities to landmark destinations; from liquor brands to retro candy manufacturers.

She’s a graduate of Drexel University and the Episcopal Academy, and prefers to get around by bicycle. You can find her on Instagram at @AlexandraGo.